stone house 

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Designed for a family of four, this 4 bedroom house is located on a site of about 7 acres on the edge of a residential subdivision. 
The L-shaped plan forms an entry court on the north, which allows the house to be oriented away from the rest of the neighborhood, toward the views overlooking a lake on the south and a range of hills on the west. Living spaces are carefully arranged to afford privacy from casual visitors, but to open expansively to patios and porches overlooking the views. 
The style of the house is loosely based on the work of the C.F.A. Voysey, an English architect of the late nineteenth century known for his residential work. 
Characteristic elements of his that were used here include masonry construction with heavy, battered forms that can be seen in the chimney, ornamental stonework at the windows and doors, dramatic sloping roofs, grouped windows and trellises. Modern aspects of the design include flowing open space inside, large windows, and abundant light.
The master bedroom is oriented to the view, and is dominated by a high bay window. A very private library/meditation room is part of the master suite, and is accessible only via a spiral staircase. The remaining bedrooms are tucked under the eaves on the second floor.

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