The Rectory for Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church is a house designed around the role of the priest in the life of the parish, with spaces for entertaining and housing guests, and separate private quarters for the priest. It is located in a suburban residential setting.
The design of the house relates to the modern design and formal character of the church across the street: the sloping mass of the chimney echoes the mass of the church's tower. At the same time, however, it relates to the scale, materials and character of the houses that surround it. It spreads wide across its double lot, and its interior spaces open to large yards on the north and south sides. The south yard is conceived as private, and related to daily life. The north yard is connected to the house's public rooms, and is intended for entertaining and as a more ornamental garden space. Private quarters are in the rear of the wing that divides the lot into public and private zones.

rectory perspective sketch.jpg