North Christian Church, completed in 1964 was designed by the architect Eero Saarinen, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2000. Although made of materials that are normally expected to last at least 100 years, by 2006 the 42 year old slate roof had deteriorated to the extent that it needed to be replaced, the copper gutters were leaking badly, and the monumental fascia was sagging significantly. 

Its status as a National Historic Landmark made North Christian eligible for a 
Save America's Treasures grant. These highly competitive grants, awarded by the Department of the Interior, are some of the few large grants available for building restoration projects. We were asked to write the grant application and successfully made the case that the grant would fund significant and appropriate work. The church was awarded $300,000, 50% of the required total.

In addition to grant writing, we provided architectural services related to the roof replacement, and also were the grant's administrators. 

Significant research and documentation were necessary to determine why these critical parts of the building had failed, and then to develop strategies for restoration that were appropriate, cost effective and met the stringent guidelines established by the granting agency. Work was completed in the fall of 2008, with final approval by the granting agency shortly thereafter.