tea light fixtures

These light fixtures were commissioned for a private residence, and were designed to reflect the tastes and interests of the owners. The owner is a collector of teapots, with well-developed senses of style and humor. It was necessary that the light fixtures be of a quality and style that integrated well with the owner's collections of Arts and Crafts furniture and oriental rugs found in the same area. The light fixtures are partially made up old fixture parts, which have been restored and altered, and partially of new parts. The floral elements were designed to refer to a 19th century light standard in the same room.

The chandelier used as its foundation a 19th century gas chandelier. The gas jets and globes were replaced with halogen lamps and colossal teacups. 
Suspended from the chandelier is an internally lit tea tray on which teapots can be placed as occasion, season, or whim dictate. A pair of sconces was made with hidden bulbs illuminating internally lit teapots that glow through thin areas in the porcelain walls.

The light fixture project was one that required substantial problem solving to make seemingly simple decisions appear logical and consistent. 
Numerous technical problems of fabrication, craftsmanship had to be tackled and solved, while adhering to the initial idea and vision. Close 
involvement by the architect with the fabricator was necessary, and resulted in a very successful project.