kirr marbach
columbus, indiana

The Kirr, Marbach Building was a major renovation of a three story downtown commercial building. Portions of the building dated to the mid-1870's. Subsequent additions included a two-story addition at the front, and a partial third floor. 
The architects were retained to renovate the building to provide office space for Kirr, Marbach and Company, and to connect this space with their existing offices next door. The existing offices were renovated to bring them to the standard established in the new spaces. The ground floor tenant of their original building also expanded into the ground floor of this building. The work of the architects was integrated seamlessly with the work of the owner's interior design consultant.
Prior to construction, it was determined that the building's construction history resulted in a discontinuous and inadequate structural system. As a result, the proposed renovation work required that the building be gutted. 
New work included replacement of all interior structural members, floors, interior walls, and roofs. Structural limitations and handicapped 
access requirements prevented replication of the original storefront, so the 1970's storefront was replaced with one of Minnesota limestone, slate and glass, with leaded glass transoms. A new cornice was built over the storefront. The new storefront is closely related to the adjacent historic storefront, successfully enhancing the historic architecture without specifically replicating historic forms or details.
In the rear, a steel exit stair was added, and a garden courtyard was developed.