conner eye center
seymour, indiana

The Conner Eye Center is a one-story office building housing examination rooms, waiting areas, optical sales, and other functions for an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, and their staffs.
Located on a flat site in a neighborhood of mixed commercial development, the building is brick, with limestone and glazed concrete block details and aluminum windows. The waiting room, optical sales area, and porte cochere are housed in the high-ceilinged corner area, which is more detailed and architecturally articulated. The examination and administrative functions are grouped in the lower, brick-clad portion. This division allowed concentration of higher grade materials where they would have the greatest impact, and makes a clear hierarchical distinction between the building elements that most matter to the clients. It also increases the building's presence to the busy street, enhancing the identity of the providers and their services.
In response to the owner's priorities, the building is very energy efficient, with extra insulation in the walls and ceiling, a highly efficient HVAC system, and extra attention paid to sealing against air infiltration. It was built to a very good grade of commercial construction in all respects.