The Blue River Savings Bank building was built in the 1860's, at a time when Edinburgh was growing rapidly. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part  of the Downtown Edinburgh Historic District, and is a key structure within the historic district. It is a two-story masonry building that originally had two storefronts facing the town's main street. The original storefronts were modified in the early 20th century, and many other alterations were made as part of a major renovation in the early 1970's.

Louis Joyner, Architect was engaged to address two areas where significant bulges had appeared in the masonry walls. Upon investigation, it was determined that these areas were failing, and numerous other areas in the building were significantly compromised. A report detailing these findings was prepared for the owner, together with recommendations and cost estimates for necessary repairs. The scope of work recommended and accepted by the owner included emergency stabilization in certain areas to prevent possible collapse, replacement of failed portions of the masonry, a new roof, stabilization of parapets, tuckpointing, painting and other work. The project later expanded to include cosmetic façade work.

An application for Historic Preservation Tax Credits was prepared and submitted to the Division of Historic preservation and Archaeology of the State of Indiana, and the National Park Service.